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Growing Veggie in Ornamental Gardens & Sneaky Flower Beds!

How to Grow Vegetables in Ornamental Gardens

Our world is in a perpetual state of crisis, with climate change threatening our food security. The need for self-sufficiency is dire – and ornamental gardens can be part of the solution. Which is why we believe, combining ornamental and organic vegetable gardens presents a prime opportunity to address these issues.🌱 I know. The statement may … Read more

Engaging Your Community in Edible Landscaping Initiatives

Engaging Your Community in Edible Landscaping Initiatives

In a world where our environment precariously hangs in the balance, I strongly believe that sparking a collaborative movement towards edible landscaping has the power to bring us together and provide lasting sustenance. Which is why, there is indeed no better time than now, to join forces to transform our shared spaces into sustainable landscapes, … Read more

Why Are Pollinators Important in Edible Landscaping

Why Are Pollinators Important in Edible Landscaping

“Why are pollinators Important“, you might ask? Well, as daunting as it seems, a world without pollinators is now at a critical crossroads. In fact, our fate seems to teeter precariously here. Interestingly, our survival and that of our buzzing companions are intertwined so intricately. So much so that their decline could tragically precipitate our … Read more

Ideal Irrigation Techniques for Edible Landscapes

Efficient Irrigation Techniques for Edible Landscapes

Desperation plagues our planet as water scarcity becomes more pressing; wisdom, now more than ever, is essential in ideal irrigation techniques for our edible landscapes. 🌍💧 Bringing life to landscapes devoid of water calls for ingenious and sustainable solutions. Get inspired by this insightful video on water-saving tactics in action. 💡 Embracing Technology: Ideal Irrigation … Read more

8 Easy-to-Grow Edible Plants for Beginners

10 Easy-to-Grow Edible Plants for Beginners

In a world where environmental activism rises and personal responsibility is called for, growing edible plants at home has become a necessity. It’s time to take control of our plates and contribute to a greener planet by starting from our own organic gardens. 🌱 Embarking on this edible journey doesn’t have to be intimidating, as … Read more

Plan Your Edible Landscape Design with These 5 Principles

Planning Your Edible Landscape Designs

Ideally, an edible landscape design combine function with aesthetics, then inherently transforming our living spaces into green, nutritious sanctuaries. Then again, as we face ever-intensifying environmental challenges, incorporating sustainable edible landscape design becomes paramount. 😊 🌱 Imagine stepping outside your door and basking in the serenity of your beautiful surroundings, knowing that you’re contributing to … Read more

Edible Landscape 101: Merging Fruits, Veggies & Flowers

Vegetables and Flowers for Your Edible Landscape Plants

A blending of fruits, vegetables, and flowers are on the horizon in our edible landscape journey! Brace yourself. Our gardens, backyards, and balconies call out for a revolution – an integration of edibles amidst the ornamental. Just picture it… Imagine, feeling the crunch of a fresh carrot drawn straight from your personal garden patch. Next … Read more

Edible Landscapes 101: Your Green Thumb’s Mighty Revolution!

Edible Landscapes 101

With Earth’s resources dwindling and ecosystems under threat, embracing edible landscapes is not only good for our stomachs, but also for the planet. 🌍 Transitioning from decorative gardens to food-producing green spaces is much more than a small-scale shift; it’s a movement with vast potential for global impact. Feast your eyes—and your taste buds—on the … Read more

5 Steps to Begin Your Edible Landscape Journey

edible landscaping plants apartment new york

Hold fast, fellow earth dwellers! Wondering what are the steps to start small with your edible landscape journey?🌍💫 Well, the time has come to awaken from our slumber of convenience, to cast aside the shackles of our consumerist tendencies, and arise to the call of something fresher, greener, and daringly audacious! I extend an invitation … Read more

Garden of Hope: Edible Landscaping for a Sustainable Future

How Edible Landscaping Aligns with Environmental Responsibility

In the realm of modern gardening, the concept of edible landscaping has blossomed into a harmonious marriage of visual allure and practicality. With a departure from the days when gardens were merely ornamental spaces, edible landscaping pioneers the integration of luscious fruit-bearing trees, vibrant vegetable beds, and aromatic herbs. This innovative approach not only pleases … Read more